Food for Thought

This blogging project is tricky, and I must admit that I have not been on top of my game.  Keeping up with the constant flux of the internet has never been my forte (or of great interest to me, for that matter), so attempting to keep a consistent written record in this venue has presented quite the challenge.  Add to this dilemma the fact that I am a full-time student taking a rigorous course-load in the humanities, and that leaves me little time to scour the web for hours at a time in pursuit of the hottest new poets and poetic trends.  I want to do justice to this blog, I so earnestly do, but I definitely have some hurdles to jump.

Also, I should mention that I am always (unless time constraints get the best of me) a perfectionist when it comes to writing.  If I feel that my writing is lacking inspiration, readability, and, above all, that ineffable quality that good writing effortlessly exhibits, I shut the computer, put down the pen, impatiently hurl scraps of paper into the nearest recycling been.  This all-or-nothing philosophy is incredibly detrimental to the good of my work and sanity, but I can’t shake it.  And it’s a vicious cycle–if I am feeling bad about myself and the work I am producing, I continue to put out more awful writing or simply give up.

It is for these reasons that I am especially grateful for Joe Weil and his article “Overcoming Writer’s Block” on THEthe Poetry Blog, which I thankfully discovered as I was perusing the internet for topics for this blog.  Weil’s piece is a must-read for writers of all kinds, especially those of my sensibility.  It’s humorous but also insightful and painfully on the nose.  My favorite tip of his for fighting the dreaded writer’s block?

“Write anyway. Do a dry fuck. Feel miserable. Luxuriate in the ether of your own self disgust. Become an enemy of writing who is forced to pretend you ‘love’ writing… Learn to write when you don’t feel like it. Stop expecting it to ‘fulfill’ you or please you. I would rather have a wild lover over me right now, her hair whipping my face, her voice wailing in throes of passion at my tender ministrations, but it takes a lot more effort to get that than it does to write–at least for me. I mean, you have to look good. You have to smell nice. You have to be attractive. You have to have a reasonably clean car. In order to write, all you have to do is press keys down with your fingers, so I write. It does not depend on any sentient being other than myself. Thank God.”


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